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Surface Pattern Design: Create & License Your First Fabric Collection VIDEO CLASS

Di Ujdi
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In this surface pattern design class, you’ll learn how to create and license your first fabric collection.

We’ll look at every aspect of designing a cohesive pattern collection until this seemingly huge project becomes easily manageable and fun. And most importantly, until you feel confident and encouraged to start making plans for your beautiful pattern collection.


The first part of the class is a comprehensive step-by-step guide that will give you the clarity and confidence to start planning your first pattern collection. You’ll learn:

  • What pattern collection is and how to approach creating one
  • A difference between a mini collection and a full collection
  • The number of designs to include in your pattern collection
  • The types of prints in a collection and how to make them work together
  • The types of pattern repeats in a collection and how to use them
  • How to create a coordinated and unified collection


In the second part of the class, I’ll share with you how I created my pattern collections and how I got my first licensing deal for fabrics. This part is filled with real-life advice you’d hear from a friend and lots of takeaways related to:

  • Learning from your mistakes
  • Promoting your pattern designs
  • Navigating licensing agreements
  • Working with a creative director


After licensing 2 fabric collections I gathered all my knowledge and experience to create this class that will give you a head start and make it easier for you to achieve your dreams of becoming a pattern designer with a licensed fabric collection.

This class is for beginner and intermediate pattern designers who want to start or get better at creating pattern collections.

Grab a favourite notebook and a pen, and let’s get started.


'Dear Nina, thanks a ton for such a wonderful class. Not only is your teaching style wonderfully encouraging and empowering but also is the class filled with helpful tips and tricks and a ton of knowledge. I highly recommend this class to any aspiring surface pattern designer.'

Jo Rita:
'Thank you so much Nina for this wonderful class. I loved the way you organised the information into small pieces and then expanded on those. I am still fairly new to pattern design and I was feeling quite daunted about the idea of putting together a collection. I love how you explained that you create a story which runs through each piece and how to create harmony integrating the story theme as well as a combination of elements such as colour, shape, line work and direction. Now I feel so excited about getting started on making my first collection. Thank you so much too for the beautiful story descriptions. The window one is just adorable and evokes images of magic and childhood wonder where everything and anything is possible. Keep spreading your wonder, your joy and your beautiful artwork. Jo : )'

'You are such an amazing teacher! Very friendly, organised and thorough. The breakdown of your before/after collections with the creative director clearly demonstrated what you discussed about achieving cohesion and balance. I'm a complete beginner so all of this was invaluable. I'm so excited to get started, especially as I've already watched your class on creating a pattern with Procreate last night which was also amazing! Please know you are very much appreciated.'

*reviews from Skillshare where more than 1415 students watched this class.


Di Ujdi is a licensed illustrator and surface pattern designer based in Belgrade, Serbia. With a big love for all things natural, she enjoys depicting the world in a colourful, fun, and naive way. She is inspired by unexpected vintage finds, mid-century designs, and books she loved as a child.

Her work can be seen on fabrics, book covers, greeting cards, magazines, product packaging, and many more. Some of her clients include: Cloud9 Fabrics, Uppercase, Flow magazine, Nordstrom Rack, Oneworld Publications, Studio Oh.

Di Ujdi is also a proud top teacher on Skillshare, where she shares her knowledge and passion with others. So far, her classes have been watched by more than 64,035 students.



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Surface Pattern Design: Create & License Your First Fabric Collection VIDEO CLASS

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